What’s In a Name? Luna Bug = Wildling
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What’s In a Name? Luna Bug = Wildling

From Luna Bug to Wildling

We, here at Titch & Bean, recently launched a house brand of clothing for tots. Our range is predominantly for 0 – 2 years with a few exceptions thrown in every now and then. We like to keep things different so each item we make tends to be a one off, sometimes with the same thing available in another size. We’re very proud of our brand, Luna Bug, and we launched it March, very successfully. To the point that we didn’t have anything to list on the website after the market we attended. That fills us with the warm and fuzzies!

Fast forward to half way through our second production run, where we’ve introduced a few more items, and we find ourselves in a bit of a quandry. Quite literally a state of perplexity about what to do.

Production is running along smoothly and we’re incredibly excited about having the run ready for the next market we’re attending at the end of August. Our problem is that there is another company out there, also selling baby goods, with a similar sounding name. If you swap a few letters around you get the same name. So even though it isn’t the same, it has caused some confusion.

We have been going back and forth for the last few weeks – leave it, don’t leave it, leave it, don’t leave it (et cetera). And then we settled on changing it. Why muddle through the confusion?

So after much deliberation and research to avoid further confusion here in SA (and where our future plans may take us), we have settled on rebranding Luna Bug to WILDLING. Mostly because every little human has a wild side.


Wildling - Titch & Bean House Brand

The production run we’re currently working on is going to be the crossover from Luna Bug to Wildling, so some of the range will still be branded as Luna Bug, some may have half and half (brand labels and sizing labels), and some will be Wildling. From the next run going forward, it will all be Wildling.

No matter what it’s called, we can’t wait to release this run on the world!

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