NooNoo Pie Tie | Grey Melange


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  • Noonoo Pie baby wrap tie – 95% cotton with a little extra stretch
  • One long piece of soft, comfortable fabric – one size fits all
  • Proudly made in SA
  • Babies who are carried a lot are proven to cry and fuss less. This is especially true for newborns who are still trying to adapt to their environment outside the womb.
  • It’s good for your baby’s mental development. Babies who are carried spend more time in an alert, but calm state. This means that they can take in what’s going on around them without getting overstimulated.
  • It’s great for your baby’s emotional development. Your baby develops a sense of security and trust when you carry her. They often become more independent at an earlier age because of this.
  • It’s even good for your baby’s language development. They are close to your voice and can watch your facial expressions as you interact with the environment and this helps them learn faster.