MOOO | Giant Blanket Elephant

MOOO | Giant Blanket Elephant


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  • Super soft, luxurious giant blanket
  • 100% South African merino wool
  • Hand dyed elephant grey (slight variations may occur) and felted
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Hand knitted to order – allow 4-6 weeks for production
  • Due to the nature of this handmade product, sizing may differ by a few centimeters
  • A rainbow of other colours are available – contact T&B directly for info
  • Free shipping within South Africa

MOOO | Giant Merino Wool Blanket Elephant Grey


The merino is one of the world’s most ancient breeds of sheep. And one of the toughest. The merino’s fleece is built for extremes – breathable in summer, insulating in winter, yet exceptionally soft and lightweight. Making the super fine, deliciously soft wool perfect for luxury products like giant blankets.


Merino wool products are well known for their warmth, resilience, natural elasticity and softness. It is a natural fibre and provides excellent breathability. The sheer nature of the fabric feels luxuriously gentle against the skin. Some other unique properties of Merino wool include:

  • Merino wool is hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties, making it an ideal choice for nurseries and homes where allergies and sensitive skin are a concern.
  • Merino wool doesn’t irritate the skin or cause itching.
  • Merino wool is static resistant and, therefore, attracts less dust and lint and doesn’t shock
  • Merino wool is odour resistant and can absorb body moisture
  • Merino wool is stain resistant – a natural protective outer layer serves as a scotch guard and prevents stains from being absorbed.
  • Merino wool is fire resistant and flame retardant; it does not melt or stick to the skin.
  • Merino wool is an excellent body temperature regulator and insulator, keeping you comfy.
  • Merino wool is quick drying and has natural UV protection.
  • Merino wool is 100% natural and renewable.


Merino wool is self cleaning and doesn’t hold smells or odours (the creatine in wool helps break down vrot smells). Merino wool is also water repellent and antibacterial.

  • Do not bleach your MOOO
  • Do not machine wash your MOOO
  • Do not tumble dry your MOOO
  • Do not iron your MOOO
  • Spot clean your MOOO with wool-safe soap or hand wash in cold water


Wet a soft cloth with wool-safe soap or liquid detergent. Pat the spot a few times. Avoid rubbing. Repeat the process with a soft cloth and clean water to “rinse” away the soap. Air dry out of direct sunlight.


Gently stir your MOOO in water and a touch of wool-safe soap/ detergent – do not agitate, wring or scrub. Add fresh, cold water to rinse. Transfer your MOOO to a clean, dry towel. Roll it up in the towel, pressing firmly as you roll, gently squeezing out excess water. Dry flat.

Wool soaks up to three times its weight in water – dry cleaning may be a preferable method of cleaning.


Natural wool pills and sheds a little when it is used. The MOOO blankets are 100% merino unspun wool roving which is an incredibly gentle material. Due to the nature of this natural, less-processed fibre, it is normal for your MOOO to shed and pill. The roving of each MOOO has been felted prior to knitting; the felting process is intended to minimise the shedding in a completed blanket. Pilling and shedding is simply excess fibres coming loose and is considered normal with wool products. This can be minimised by treating your MOOO with care, keeping it away from high-traffic areas and brushing it gently with your fingers to remove excess fibres or pilling. Trim away any loose pieces of wool – do not pull. Shedding and pilling will stop within a few weeks.

Weight 1 kg

Mini Mooo (60cm x 70cm), Mooo Throw (100cm x 120cm), Middle Mooo (150cm x 140cm), Queen Mooo (150cm x 160cm), King Mooo (200cm x 150cm)




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