Packing for Hospital Like a Pro
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Packing for Hospital Like a Pro

You’ve been through all the ups and downs (hopefully mostly ups) of trying to conceive, pregnancy and strangers trying to touch your belly, and now you’re finally staring down the finish line. The end is in sight. And by “end” we mean meeting and holding your percious bundle. Whether or not it’s your first, or seventh, this is still a special moment that will make it onto the highlights reel of your life.

If this is your seventh baby, you’ve got the hospital-bag-packing gig down. There’s no doubt you’re a champ at this,  but maybe our guide can serve as a refresher course. If this is your first, we hope we can help make things a little easier for you with packing your hospital bag at least.

Obviously, you don’t want to leave anything you may need behind but, unless you have the quintessential Mary Poppins bag in your possession, you can’t take all the things. Well, you can, but there may not be any space left for you or the baby in the hospital room.

After scouring the internet for you, we have compiled a list of all the items recommended by mommy bloggers, doctors, friends and family.

Packing for Hospital. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Packing for Hospital for Mom:

  • Dressing Gown

Make it season appropriate, but either way that extra little bit of coverage will make you feel more comfortable. A maternity gown or just a regular robe in a size up and you’ll be happy in your warm hug. and Pick ‘n Pay are always a winner when looking for pjs and dressing gowns.

  • Comfy Bras and Undies

T-shirt bras (if you’re not planning on breastfeeding) or nursing bras (if you are) are soft and comfy. The last thing you need after just birthing a human is to be stabbed in the rib by a wayward under wire, or worry about hooks and clasps.

Full undies, in a soft fabric (preferably cotton) to hold those giant pads in place are a good idea.

Maternity and post-baby undies are available quite widely in South Africa. Woolies aside, you have H&M, Annabella Maternity, and Yummy Mummy Maternity.

  • Warm Socks and Slippers Plus Flipflops

Just in case your feet get cold or you want to walk around during labour. Comfort is key! if you prefer flipflops to slippers in the warmer months, bring two pairs – one is for wearing in the shower.

  • Nursing Pads

You can get washable ones which are super soft and comfy for tender breasts, or disposable ones which are perfect for heavy milk producers. There are a bunch of places to get nursing pads, so you can find the ones that suit you. Check out Faitful to Nature, and most chemists.

  • Loose-Fitting PJs

Unless you are planning on spending your stay in those breezy hospital-issue gowns, take some pjs with you! A few pairs, because accidents happen and your new baba may puke on you or you could drop your dinner in your lap and want to change. Cute and comfy and breas-feeding friendly pjs are available all over. Cotton On Body, Woolies, PnP and H&M, plus the online stores mentioned above are great places to look. You will also find some at Cherry Melon

  • Toiletries

Toothpaste, toothbrush, body lotion, deoderant, bodywash/ soap, face care products and make up (if you want to wear some), shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush and hair bands. All the things you would pack for a weekend away – you need to look after yourself.

  • Towels

Keep one for showering in hospital, but keep the other one in the car for BEFORE you head to the maternity ward. In the days leading up to your due date, it’s handy to have a spare towel on hand in case your water breaks. You’re in for a lifetime of planning ahead, might as well start with an extra towel.

  • Nipple Cream

If you’re planning on breast feeding, this little item is as essential as your boobs! Baby City or any chemist is where the nipple cream is at!

  • Healthy Snacks

To keep you going during labour, or after your c-section. Mama needs nourishment!

  • Cellphone and Charger and Camera

If you need to get hold of your family (for more snacks or pjs) or take pics of your precious bundle, you’re going to need a charged phone and camera.

  • Mom’s Going Home Outfit

Something comfy.

  • Weekender/ Mom Bag

After you have hunted and gathered all the items on the list, you’ll need somewhere to pack and carry them. A mom bag is a good investment and you can get some beauties right here: Mom Bags

Packing for hospital for the new human will be covered tomorrow!

PS: We haven’t included the pads on this list because most of our research revealed that the hospital will give them to you. If you want to stock up before hand, though, check out any chemist in your ‘hood.



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