Packing for Hospital Like a Pro vol. 2
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Packing for Hospital Like a Pro vol. 2

You’ve packed a bag for yourself (or your baby mama, because you’re awesome) and now it’s the baby’s turn. The tiniest bundle of delight and joy is about to show his/ her face, and he/ she is going to need a few things to make the outside world more appealing than being locked up for nine months with womb service.

Newborn in Hospital. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Packing for Hospital for Baby

  • Nursing Pillow

According to the internet-scouring, this is more of a suggestion than an essential. It comes down to personal preference, but nursing pillows help get the little miracle into the perfect position for nursing, and anything that can help is a must in our book! They’re available from Baby City.

  • Car Seat

This is probably the most important piece of equipment in the new parents’ arsenal. The seat that will keep your baby safe and secure in the car, but also make your life easier because it’s lightweight and fits onto a travel system (meaning you don’t have to pick – and wake – your baba up when transferring from car to stroller) is the Baby Buggz seat that comes standard with the travel system. The travel system includes a stroller, bassinet and car seat which are all interchangeable with the frame and meet European safety standards.  The car seat suitable for 0-13 kgs and is ECE R 44/04 approved, and the stroller system is suitable for 9- 25kgs and is European standards EN1888 certified and approved. Baby Buggz systems are available here and are also IsoFix compatible.

  • Receiving Blankets

It seems you can’t have enough of these! Soft and comfy for your baby, the Noonoo Pie muslins are extra big and available in gender neutral grey and white twin packs. Elodie Details has a range of bamboo-muslin swaddling blankets, also available as twin packs.

  • Onesies

Your baby is going to need to be dressed at some point! Bring a range of onesies in newborn size as well as 0-3 months. You don’t want to be caught with clothing that is too small for your newborn. Cotton, with non-ferous snaps is the way to go, and we think these Wildling #FRESH out the oven onesies are perfect because Wildling is our very own brand and we love it:

Be Wild & Wonder

  • Nail Clippers and Baby Mittens

When we saw mittens on a bunch of lists, we thought it was to keep those sweet little hands warm. It turns out that the nail clippers (for babies) and mittens go hand in hand – so stop your bundle of love from scratching his/ or face. Plus the mittens WILL keep those tiny hands warm.

  • Nappies

Disposable or cloth, and just in case your hospital doesn’t give you any (or enough) – take a few with you. If it’s cloth you’re after, Fancypants One-Size-Fits-All are available in a bunch of colours with either microfibre or bamboo inserts. There is even a newborn size in the range – for those super small bubs.

  • Bottles

If you’re not planning on breastfeeding, having a few bottles on hand will make your life easier! The glass, colour-changing safety bottles from Cherub Baby come in two sizes and come standard with a slow-flow anti-colic teat.

  • Beanie

There’s nothing cuter than a baby in a hate, but this is mostly to keep those little pips warm, especially in the colder months. Most hospitals do give you beanie for your bean, but you may want to add your own personal touch.

  • Burpcloths

Because, you know, milk burbs on your back are never pleasant.

  • Wet Bag

This is for mom and baby – put anything wet/ soiled in a wet bag so you keep the surprises contained, especially if you’re using cloth nappies.

Congratulations and all the best for your adveture ahead!


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