Green Baby = Happy Baby & Environment
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Green Baby = Happy Baby & Environment

Titch & Bean are certainly not, in any way, claiming to be experts on going green! There is an overwhelming abundance of facts and figures available out there about why and how, so we’ve tried to do our (very small) bit by bringing you some information as well as some products to get the ball rolling. And what better place to start than with your little ones?

We have tried to source some eco-friendly green baby products that are also budget-friendly, and have started with the every day essentials – nappies and wet wipes. The greenest nappies out there are probably cloth nappies – you know the kind that get washed after use, not disposed off? They’re not for everyone and the demand for environmentally-friendly disposable nappies is growing daily.

We have recently encountered the Beaming Baby range, and they have a wonderful selection of biodegradable disposable nappies, Vegan Society Approved organic wet wipes and organic bath products (shampoo and body wash, bubble bath, and baby lotion).

Beaming Baby Biodegradable Nappies

The Beaming Baby eco-friendly, biodegradable nappies contain 30% less chemicals than standard disposable nappies and are kind to all babies – especially those with eczema or sensitive skin.

The Beaming Baby range of nappies is special because they form a naturally breathable layer against your little one’s skin; the top sheet is made with natural cotton and cornstarch fibres. The absorbent layer inside the nappy is made primarily from “fluff” – very finely- shredded paper that has the consistency of cotton wool.

These environmentally-friendly nappies are 100% chlorine free and contain only clean plastics, which are used in the Velcro patch and elasticated-back and -side panels.

Designed to last up to 12 hours, with a re-sealable fastening system, barrier leg cuffs and stretchy side and back panels for extra comfort, you will have a dry, happy baby and be doing your bit for the environment too.

The Beaming Baby nappies are more than 65% biodegradable (including the packaging), and degrade within 4 years.

Beaming Baby Organic Wet Wipes

Certified organic wet wipes (as certified by the Organic Food Federation), made with plant ingredients that are grown without using chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

The Beaming Baby Organic wet wipes are hypoallergenic (with each product achieving the highest possible grade during consultant dermatologist repeat patch test: 100% zero sensitivity); flushable, chlorine-free; have organic Aloe Vera for moisturising and soothing sensitive skin; are alcohol-, paraben- and sls-free and Vegan Society approved.

A percentage of profits is donated to SANCCOB, Baby Lifeline and the Gold Standard Foundation reforestation projects.

Eco Baby

Going green will make the world a better place by reducing waste, conserving natural resources, protecting ecosystems and biodiversity, and improving both air and water quality. And just recycling is as good as any a place to start. One of the best reasons to implement green practices wherever you can is your health; apart from a better environment improving your general well being, less chemicals and harmful products go into green goods, therefore, quite simply, you’re exposing yourself to less bad stuff.

We all  live in this world, so why not be a little gentler on it? And have a whole bunch of happy, green baby bundles too!

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