From Sickness to Sunshine
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From Sickness to Sunshine

Firstly, look at you Pregnant Fairy! You’re making a human! Congratulations from all of us at Titch & Bean.

Secondly, we’re sorry about what comes next.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness; there is hardly a person around who hasn’t heard of it or knows what it is. Why it’s name has it limited to the morning is a mystery, though. Some people get it all day and night througout their pregnancies, others only in the first trimester, others only in the morning and others not at all (and so on). There is no hard and fast science, just nausea and puke. Plus the knowledge that it’s totally normal and the happiest reason ever to feel like crap.

No one is really certain about the causes of nausea and vomitting during pregnancy, but it has been suggested that this guy, human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), may play a role purely because the timing is right; morning sickness and hCG levels peak around the same time.

Other suggestions for what causes morning sickness are increasing levels of oestrogen, a senstive gastrointestinal tract from the changes brought about by pregnancy, stress, an enhanced sense of smell and, a sensitive gag reflex.  It’s been suggested that if you’re carrying mutiples or a girl, or have an inclination towards motion sickness you are more likely to suffer. As long as you stay hydrated and can keep some food down, morning sickness isn’t dangerous to your baby. Severe vomitting, however, should lead you straight to your doctor. Each woman and each pregnancy are different, so what exactly constitutes “severe” is not something we have an answer for.

What we do have, though, is a list of tips to ease the quease as well as a tried-and-tested jungle juice recipe to take the sickness to sunshine. None of these have any science to support them, but are recommended by ob-gyns, midwives, old wives and, women who have been there.


  • Eat small, frequent meals and snacks throughout the day so your stomach is never empty. And eat slowly.
  • Don’t lie down after eating.
  • CRACKERS! Nibble on these throughout the day.
  • Avoid foods and smells that trigger your nausea.
  • Try eat cold or room temperature foods – hot food tends to have a stronger smell.
  • Avoid fatty, acidic, spicy and fried foods. Bland is best at this stage.
  • Keep hydrated but don’t fill up on liquids so you’re too full for food.
  • Watch for non-food triggers and avoid them. These include strong perfume, sudden movement, a stuffy room, your hubby’s cologne etc.
  • Get loads of fresh air.
  • REST! If you feel too gross to function, take the day off if you can You do no one any favours by suffering through your to do list.
  • Ginger and peppermint have nausea-quelling super powers.
  • Hypnosis, accupuncture and even aromatherapy can help if that’s a road you’re willing to travel. Speak to your doctor first and research!
  • Find the foods that work for YOU. What spells “relief” for one person, may just spell “projectile vomit” for another. Personally, pineapple is the perfect cure for me whilst a dear friend attacks a packet of salt and vinegar crisps when she feels ill and I can’t quite wrap my brain around the idea of chips settling a stomach.
  • Wear comfy clothing and nothing that is restrictive over your tummy.
  • Carry a survival kit for those dreaded times when you’re out in public and go toe-to-toe with a surprise morning sickness attack. Add a toothbrush and toothpaste/ mouth wash, a clean top to change if you need to, a sealable plastic bag to pack away anything you can’t wash immediately, and a stash of whatever settles your stomach (crackers, ginger sweets, apple, whatever works).

Jungle Juice Recipe:

Along with the above tips, giving this beaut a go is worth a shot. Tried and tested by friends of Titch & Bean, this recipe seems to have the sickness-to-sunshine goods:

  • 1 litre apple juice or red grape juice
  • 2 litre water
  • 60ml Blackthorn Berry Elixer
  • 1 Berocca calcium tablet

Add all ingredients in a jug and mix well. Add 10 drops of Rescue Remedy to each glass as you drink it. Drink as needed.

If you’re not the one suffering but need to survive it, here’s a list of things to avoid saying to a pregnant fairy who has been puking her heart out: Things Not to Say to a Woman with Morning Sickness


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