Five Reasons to Invest in a Mom Bag
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Five Reasons to Invest in a Mom Bag

Apart from the very important and miraculously awesome reason that you’re GROWING A HUMAN, another super cool reason to be excited about pregnancy is all the shopping you get to do. Cute maternity outfits to rock while the kidlet grows, all the decor and furniture for the perfect nursery he or she deserves, gadgets and gismos, adorable outfits for the tot because wardrobe envy is a very real thing, and of course tiny little shoes that make your heart gush at the darling delightfullness!

Pregnancy, and life really, should never be about competing so it’s not all about spending money, but some things are definite investments. Solid furniture and products that are free from harmful chemicals and will keep your little one safe are a good example. When it comes to shopping for your little one, cheaper isn’t always better. That’s not to say you can’t find excellent products at excellent prices, or “investment” pieces that turn out to be more of a headache than quality apparel.

One thing we think should be an investment piece, though, is a mom bag. Also known as a mommy bag, diaper bag, nappy bag or pram bag. The bag that you use to carry your life around in for the next few years.

Reasons to Invest in a Nappy Bag

Here’s why:


Sure, we can acknowledge that some investments turn out to be more of a sacrifice and a gamble than anything else, however the top end mommy bags are produced by well known brands. You know you’re going to get a quality product. Sturdy fabric and hardware that is guaranteed/ warranteed to last? You know you’re covered if a zip jams.

Long Lasting

This one probably ties into the quality argument, but hear us out. An excellent quality product may have certain guarantees on zips and clips but that means that the overall integrity of the bag is expected to last. A long time. As in it will see you through baby number one, and any others that follow. But it will also see you through when you’re done. You get a bag to use for your child’s needs and a bag you get to keep using as a handbag or laptop case. Which brings us to our third point…


Investment bags tend to be designed with prolonged use in mind. That is to say they’re not obviously baby bags. There may be incredibly brightly-coloured designs in a certain range, animal prints and playful, whimiscal twists, but they’re the deisgns that appeal to a certain style aesthetic. The same way a studded jet-black 100% leather baby bag will appeal to other tastes. You’re more likely to find your flavour with an investment bag – boho or business casual, punk rocker or straight up mommy bag covered in butterflies.

Bells & Whistles

Simply put, fancy bags come with all the trimmings. You get the super comfortable and adjustable cotton-weave shoulder straps, stroller straps to hang it right where you can reach it and free up your hands, waterproof lining, a matching change mat that fits in the bag, external pockets, internal pockets, a zip-closed mom pocket especially for all your bits a pieces so you don’t have to carry a handbag AND a baby bag, hardware that won’t rust, space, functionality and durability.

Personal Spoil

Whether or not you buy the bag yourself or you get it as a gift, the mommy bag is for YOU. Not your baby. Yeah, you’re carrying around everything you need for your precious bundle but YOU are carrying it. You have to love it and be happy to use it. YOU! After you’ve given birth and you’re out there being a super human, there’s nothing wrong with a spoil to remind yourself just how fabulous you are!

All of the above being said, there’s nothing wrong, and no judgment from anyone here, if you don’t see the value in a fancy nappy bag or if you want something smothered in cartoon characters that screams “MOMMY”. At the end of the day, all that really matters is that YOU (and the sproglet) are happy and comfortable!

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