Baby Wearing for the Win!
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Baby Wearing for the Win!

What is Baby Wearing?

Babies are born with an instinct to cuddle and be held. During pregnancy, the womb is a place of warmth and constant human contact where your baby hears your heartbeat continually. Once they are born, there is a massive change to this environment and it is no wonder they seem to sleep most peacefully when they are being held. Unfortunately colonial tradition seems to prevail in our society where you often hear sayings like, “You will make a rod for your own back if you hold her too often!” Thankfully there is a change beginning to happen as parents are returning to what is known as natural parenting, which basically means you follow your instinct as to what is best for your baby.


Baby Wearing

Baby wearing is not a new concept – it is the centuries-old, universal notion of simply holding or carrying a baby or young child using a fabric baby carrier, pouch or sling. The practice frees up hands to continue with your daily tasks, while keeping the little one very near by, but also comforts and soothes a fussy child as it is very close to mommy, daddy or the caregiver. We are not saying that your baby should never be put down, but rather that when your baby is in need of a cuddle, “wearing” your baby will enable you to so without putting your whole day on hold. As tempting as it may be to spend all your time cuddling a newborn, baby wearing allows you to get stuff done and still keep baba close by.

Benefits for Baby:

  • Babies who are carried a lot are proven to cry and fuss less. This is especially true for newborns who are still trying to adapt to their environment outside the womb. Wearing your newborn is a great way to help your baby make this transition.
  • It’s good for your baby’s mental development. Babies who are carried spend more time in an alert, but calm state. This means that they can take in what’s going on around them without getting overstimulated.
  • It’s great for your baby’s emotional development. Your baby develops a sense of security and trust when you carry her. They often become more independent at an earlier age because of this.
  • It’s even good for your baby’s language development. They are close to your voice and can watch your facial expressions as you interact with the environment and this helps them learn faster.

Our preferred brand of baby-wearing goodness is proudly made in SA and the ultimate handsfree kit for baby carers:

Snug and free

The Noonoo Pie Wraps are 95% cotton with a little extra stretch and are made for everyone – one size fits all. These wraps are suitable for use for newborns.


















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